Nick’s Vision

Investing in Economic Development

Creating opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs by investing in tax deductions and credits. Making fiscally responsible decisions in tax breaks granted to businesses by the amount of money and jobs they put back into the state economy. Cultivating good paying jobs for Iowans is essential to move toward a more secure financial future.

I believe in the power of small business and the Chambers of Commerce, owning my own business and being a member of the Polk City Chamber myself, I recognize the important responsibilities that the Chambers take on to invest in and build up their communities. They provide resources and influence that these small businesses need in order to sustain. The Chambers also create a community where businesses help and support each other.

Reinvesting in Public Education

Iowa used to be a model in the U.S. for our public education system, and after nearly a decade of starving our schools of necessary funding, we have let go of that status. Reinvesting in our public education K-12, public colleges and universities, and trade schools is going to be essential. Investing in financial literacy, civics, and bringing back exploratory classes such as shop, art, and family-consumer science bring an education experience for all students to thrive in and out of the classroom. Education is the bedrock to an engaged and informed democracy and must be prioritized as such.

We should be investing in our students and our younger generations. Student loan debt is a crisis and it will only continue to escalate the more that we push the cost of education to our students. However, this is not a one-sided investment, we should be taking steps to incentivize our graduates to remain in the State and begin their lives here, so that they may invest in the Iowa Economy.

Investing in a Sustainable Future

I believe in protecting our environment. Every day that we continue debate whether or not the science is real, there are Iowans already taking steps to keep our environment clean, create jobs, and be stewards of our great natural resources. There are real solutions that people and companies are taking to do their part and there are cost effective ways that people in rural and suburban Iowa can take to become more reliant on renewable energy.

I want to work alongside professionals in the agriculture industry to create producer-led initiatives and let them take the charge in creating real solutions that can help their industry become not just more environmentally friendly but become more profitable as well.